Hail To The Print!

Prints For Prints Ethiopia (photo by Bill Purcell)

A family photograph is a precious thing to many of us, and especially to people who live in rural areas and often do not have a record of their children or elders.

Prints for Prints relies on the generous donations of photographic prints by talented photographers from around the world.  These donated prints are auctioned and all of the proceeds go towards the creation of makeshift studios in rural villages, working with local student photographers when possible, for the purpose of donating prints to those who do not have photographs of their loved ones.

Prints For Prints is a volunteer run organization. We celebrate the value of a photographic print in this disposable digital world!

Your donation will help us pay for the following:

  • Small mobile printers
  • Ink
  • Paper
  • In-country transportation to location
  • In-country translators or guides
  • Transportation costs for local students
  • Equipment to be donated to location students
  • Minor event and promotional costs

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(Photo by Bill Purcell)