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Thank you for donating a print to the Prints For Prints project! It is appreciated beyond measure by us, and more importantly, by those who will receive a family portrait (and in some cases, photography lessons!) in remote areas of the world.

We realize that your work is valued much higher than our $50-100 live auction and $200 website prices, and we appreciate that you are willing to donate a print to fit into this pricing. A separate goal of this project is to share art that can be affordable to many who might otherwise be unable to afford beautiful prints, and we thank you profoundly for participating.

Please fill out the form below to include information regarding you and your donated print. All prints will be sold at our auction event. Any prints that do not sell that evening will either be given back to the owner (local only) or donated to a charity in your name after one month.

Note: upload an image of your print only if you grant us permission to use it in promotions and to be included on this website.

Subject matter of the print is as you wish.

Please make sure that all prints come to us matted and in plastic sleeves, and that you title and sign your print in your usual manner.

Please drop off or mail your print to:
PushDot Studio
2505 SE 11th Avenue
Suite 104
Portland, OR 97202

Note: You can donate a print from afar!  Pro Photo Supply and PushDot Studio in Portland, Oregon has offered a 25% discount for this project.  We also can get your print matted, so all you have to do is upload your image to one of the printers and we will coordinate it from there.

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